tisdag 3 november 2009

To early in the morning? Yes plz.

You can say that.. since today i came like 3 hours TO EARLY to school so i didn't have anything to do FUUUUCK!.
Thank you LORD that Marcus just came, he's quiet entertaning so that is good!.

måndag 2 november 2009

Facebook Fetishs? Youngers? No thank you!.

When i read the newspaper about the "Olders" taking over the Facebook
i couldn't help but to LMFAO.

Since yeah..sure., facebook where ment for the youngers, but how? just look at theire crappy design on the entire page? i think that the entire page and theire settings screams the age of 30+.

Mabye it's just me, and i can say that yeah i am a member of facebook, but im never rly ON the site Facebook, not like everyday and such. This is just my oppinion, mabye the creators of Facebook wanted to make the youth's more "mature" or something?, but i think that if they want more young people to go to Facebook,they should rly need a new page design, something NOT so STIFF. It is just not Youth enough for me to be on Facebook.

And now by this i don't mean such sites like for an example Lunarstorm.se thats a swedish typical teenage chatsite, im not rly into that one either. I guess im just picky with these such things.

All i know is that Facebook is not just for youngers, and that it's to much pointed to people at the age of 30+.Atleast that is what think.


Also HappyHalloween to all of you even if it¨sa bit late, and Merry Christmas to me who just recived this brand new Computer Screen from acer for about 140,euros(ithink?) about 1400 swedish krons, My mother gaved it to me as an early Christmas present THANK YOU MOTHER!.

Since my other Screen who was about 9 years old (lol) . Just shut down (wich for me was a big supprise..) so my mother realised that it might be time for a new screen for me.

so again Thank you Mom <3

fredag 23 oktober 2009

To Move or not To Move? That is the question...

ok, well this is just as it sounds like, my mother and i are going to move out.

We found a good appartment, wich is really nice, and im looking forward to be moving out.

But then again there are some problems, my big brothers goes berzerk because of that, he thinks that my mother is moving there just so i can live there.

(What the hell?)

If im not going to live there then, where im i going to live?

Ofcourse mom will also live there (duuh?.)

So it's a hard time right now, but i dont care what other say. It's only my brother who dosent like the whole moving thing. But no one els complains.

WellWell im going off soon to my friend, Take care! ciao!
Heres a random pic for ya:3

måndag 19 oktober 2009

Hayao Miyazaki

Have you ever Heard of the movies Spirited away and mabye Princess Mononoke"?

They are great childmovies, and i love all the movies he's made.

Out of 13 movies i have seen 10. And ofcourse im going to see the rest of them to.

I found a movie box set with 4 of hi's films for only 34.00 euros around 340 swedish krons. And i am and i WILL buy it. :D

Here are some tips for you who have children. I RECOMEND THESE ALOT!

My neighboor Totoro - It's a beautiful film, like all the other movies that Hayao Miyazaki has made it's a really good movie to watch.It really warms my heart to watch this one.

Kikki´s Delivery Service - It's a heart warming story, about a young girl who is a witch, and when leaving home she goes out on a journey to search for the city she will live in.

And here are some of my biggest favorites!

Laputa: Castle in the Sky - This is one of my many favorites of the Hayao Miyazaki collection. It's about a girl and a boy,who togheter goes out on a journey to the castle in the sky. It's a beautiful movie!

Howl's moving Castle -This is my favorite. Why? because it has both Love and all the Fantasi that you can ever imagen. It's a true child film.

I will definitely show my children these movies, because this is how childmovies is supposed to be like!

Why i love all the movies Hayao Miyazaki has made is because they are all verry fantasy inspired, and heartwarming and colorfull, and so beautiful drawn! so much Classic!

lördag 17 oktober 2009

I'ts Not Raining .

No, its not raining for sure, the sun is shining a bit smooth light, you know a typical Autumn weather. But a day in this week the snow actually started to appeared, wich for me was a great shock, i mean snow in the middle of oktober? Thats really early in Sweden. But it was also a refreshing feeling, sitting with your friends and just see the snow flings slowly falling to the ground, most people would call me a philosopher.

And i guess i might be, atleast a little bit.

Is Love just a walk out the door?`

Well, mine is i tell you. You know when you like a person and they are just out to "screw"

What would you do? Do or Diss?

To be honest, i would Diss, but also its hard to if you realy like someone. But what can you do about it, you can't change a person just like that.


onsdag 30 september 2009

Fuck you, Fuck your friends and Fuck your life.

Thats all i have to say, srsly love aint for me i tell you that.
Btexted me saying that we can't be more, And whoops. I think he's a frikking player, since he never awnsers to your mail. Saying that "no myphone was off" and was it? umm no.
I wont even be suprised if he wa son my friend jojjo either, Fucking scumbags both of them.

Fucking retard he is, right now im just writing my anger in my blogg. (thank you god for blogg)

Anyway today is a realese day with our Class CD. and i can't even spell right today since im rather pissed and rather sad at the same time frustrated to..

Anyway im going off and im going to have a fucking good time WITHOUT THAT FUCKED UP SHIT BAG.

Thank you. :D


söndag 27 september 2009

Spring in the late Autumn?

Yes people say that Spring is the Love period.
But what if you fall in love in the late Autumn? like i did.

I found someone who i really like, and i think that he is someone i can be with for a time.
But you know when they feel like they don't know, thats how it is right now. It is hard really..

Since i like him alot but also i do not know him very well.. and he dont know me neither so, i guess that i'll let this take some time so we can really get to know each other.

And truly hope for the Best.