onsdag 30 september 2009

Fuck you, Fuck your friends and Fuck your life.

Thats all i have to say, srsly love aint for me i tell you that.
Btexted me saying that we can't be more, And whoops. I think he's a frikking player, since he never awnsers to your mail. Saying that "no myphone was off" and was it? umm no.
I wont even be suprised if he wa son my friend jojjo either, Fucking scumbags both of them.

Fucking retard he is, right now im just writing my anger in my blogg. (thank you god for blogg)

Anyway today is a realese day with our Class CD. and i can't even spell right today since im rather pissed and rather sad at the same time frustrated to..

Anyway im going off and im going to have a fucking good time WITHOUT THAT FUCKED UP SHIT BAG.

Thank you. :D


söndag 27 september 2009

Spring in the late Autumn?

Yes people say that Spring is the Love period.
But what if you fall in love in the late Autumn? like i did.

I found someone who i really like, and i think that he is someone i can be with for a time.
But you know when they feel like they don't know, thats how it is right now. It is hard really..

Since i like him alot but also i do not know him very well.. and he dont know me neither so, i guess that i'll let this take some time so we can really get to know each other.

And truly hope for the Best.

lördag 19 september 2009

Can you really se a Friend as your Friend?

I have asked myself that question aspecially today, since yesterday i was at a party with my 3 friends,
Frida,Beatricé, and Johanna..

And when we went of the buss to go for the train my friend Bea said

"Oh Mirja look! theres Benjamin ;)"

And they all knew that i was interested in him, And that i have watched him in school and such.
and when we went to the party everything was cool. But then my friend Johanna started to "hit" on him as the party started, and at first i was like .. okey whatever she knows i like him so she'll stop.

But did she?.. noo..no..

And im asking myself all the time, "would i do that to my friend?" and i still get the same answer NO ofcourse not!
and then she went all over another guy to wich my other friend was a bit interested in i mean, you dont do that! that is so selfish!. And even if some might think that its not wrong to hit on other peoples i find it very wrong! friends should never do that!

anyway.. i find it really mean especially when you are a friend, You should not hit on the person your friend was first interesting in!.

Should i really call her A FRIEND?.. Or am i just beeing Paranoid?

söndag 13 september 2009

Hi and Congratz to my three friends Frida,Johanna and David!

They all had their birthday the past weekend so i hope they all had a very good birthday!
Right now im just sitting plain
bored by my computer, so i thought that i should make a short bloggnote.

I Have started playing Wow again because a friend forced me to (and also that i have nothing els to do). Since i liv
e in the frikking forest, so heres not much to do then to sit by the computer all day long.. "sigh" ..

Anyway, im feeling fairly good exept for that im tired, and i feel that i need to change my "environment"

Anyway Peace!

onsdag 9 september 2009

Wise men never cries

A man with Broken shoes
would only moisten his socks
in the rain, telling a child that
wise men never cries.
for such a pity shoe.

By; Mirja Petrusson

This is a Poem/Wise words. I came up with hope you like it! :)
please Comment your opinions

(I would love if someone could translate this into Japanese)

fredag 4 september 2009

Friday - Saturday
an eternal loyaltyforever waiting

Yes, today i feel sooo much better! my fever has just fall off and now im just up with a small cold
and a bit headace.But never mind that! Thank god that its saturday soon i can't wait for the movie night with my friends!
It's going to be awesome!

And to celebrate my recovery and that soon my friends are coming to my house - Heres an ego Pic of me! : D "Yeey"..

Soo today nothing really happend, i was home.. took some pictures to celebrate haha ( im such an ego) and yeah i guess thats about it :/ Watched tv to ~ Lots of Discovery was on these past days haha No idea why..

Anyway! Take care Ciao!

torsdag 3 september 2009

Sick and Tired
(literally speaking)

Yes i am sick and i am really tired, i have gotten up with some short flue or something, i got a fever and
a huge headace and im just so tired all the time.

I have been home from school now in 2 day's and i hope that i can go tomorrow since i really want to
spend more time with my new classmates!

hopefully i'll be fine till saturday, wich is the day me and a friend invited some of our new friends over, to wach some films and eat and have a nice time! :)

Maaaaan i hope i'll be ok soon! :(
Anyway a Good day to you!