lördag 19 september 2009

Can you really se a Friend as your Friend?

I have asked myself that question aspecially today, since yesterday i was at a party with my 3 friends,
Frida,Beatricé, and Johanna..

And when we went of the buss to go for the train my friend Bea said

"Oh Mirja look! theres Benjamin ;)"

And they all knew that i was interested in him, And that i have watched him in school and such.
and when we went to the party everything was cool. But then my friend Johanna started to "hit" on him as the party started, and at first i was like .. okey whatever she knows i like him so she'll stop.

But did she?.. noo..no..

And im asking myself all the time, "would i do that to my friend?" and i still get the same answer NO ofcourse not!
and then she went all over another guy to wich my other friend was a bit interested in i mean, you dont do that! that is so selfish!. And even if some might think that its not wrong to hit on other peoples i find it very wrong! friends should never do that!

anyway.. i find it really mean especially when you are a friend, You should not hit on the person your friend was first interesting in!.

Should i really call her A FRIEND?.. Or am i just beeing Paranoid?

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