måndag 19 oktober 2009

Hayao Miyazaki

Have you ever Heard of the movies Spirited away and mabye Princess Mononoke"?

They are great childmovies, and i love all the movies he's made.

Out of 13 movies i have seen 10. And ofcourse im going to see the rest of them to.

I found a movie box set with 4 of hi's films for only 34.00 euros around 340 swedish krons. And i am and i WILL buy it. :D

Here are some tips for you who have children. I RECOMEND THESE ALOT!

My neighboor Totoro - It's a beautiful film, like all the other movies that Hayao Miyazaki has made it's a really good movie to watch.It really warms my heart to watch this one.

Kikki´s Delivery Service - It's a heart warming story, about a young girl who is a witch, and when leaving home she goes out on a journey to search for the city she will live in.

And here are some of my biggest favorites!

Laputa: Castle in the Sky - This is one of my many favorites of the Hayao Miyazaki collection. It's about a girl and a boy,who togheter goes out on a journey to the castle in the sky. It's a beautiful movie!

Howl's moving Castle -This is my favorite. Why? because it has both Love and all the Fantasi that you can ever imagen. It's a true child film.

I will definitely show my children these movies, because this is how childmovies is supposed to be like!

Why i love all the movies Hayao Miyazaki has made is because they are all verry fantasy inspired, and heartwarming and colorfull, and so beautiful drawn! so much Classic!

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