lördag 17 oktober 2009

I'ts Not Raining .

No, its not raining for sure, the sun is shining a bit smooth light, you know a typical Autumn weather. But a day in this week the snow actually started to appeared, wich for me was a great shock, i mean snow in the middle of oktober? Thats really early in Sweden. But it was also a refreshing feeling, sitting with your friends and just see the snow flings slowly falling to the ground, most people would call me a philosopher.

And i guess i might be, atleast a little bit.

Is Love just a walk out the door?`

Well, mine is i tell you. You know when you like a person and they are just out to "screw"

What would you do? Do or Diss?

To be honest, i would Diss, but also its hard to if you realy like someone. But what can you do about it, you can't change a person just like that.


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