fredag 23 oktober 2009

To Move or not To Move? That is the question...

ok, well this is just as it sounds like, my mother and i are going to move out.

We found a good appartment, wich is really nice, and im looking forward to be moving out.

But then again there are some problems, my big brothers goes berzerk because of that, he thinks that my mother is moving there just so i can live there.

(What the hell?)

If im not going to live there then, where im i going to live?

Ofcourse mom will also live there (duuh?.)

So it's a hard time right now, but i dont care what other say. It's only my brother who dosent like the whole moving thing. But no one els complains.

WellWell im going off soon to my friend, Take care! ciao!
Heres a random pic for ya:3

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