måndag 2 november 2009

Facebook Fetishs? Youngers? No thank you!.

When i read the newspaper about the "Olders" taking over the Facebook
i couldn't help but to LMFAO.

Since yeah..sure., facebook where ment for the youngers, but how? just look at theire crappy design on the entire page? i think that the entire page and theire settings screams the age of 30+.

Mabye it's just me, and i can say that yeah i am a member of facebook, but im never rly ON the site Facebook, not like everyday and such. This is just my oppinion, mabye the creators of Facebook wanted to make the youth's more "mature" or something?, but i think that if they want more young people to go to Facebook,they should rly need a new page design, something NOT so STIFF. It is just not Youth enough for me to be on Facebook.

And now by this i don't mean such sites like for an example Lunarstorm.se thats a swedish typical teenage chatsite, im not rly into that one either. I guess im just picky with these such things.

All i know is that Facebook is not just for youngers, and that it's to much pointed to people at the age of 30+.Atleast that is what think.


Also HappyHalloween to all of you even if it¨sa bit late, and Merry Christmas to me who just recived this brand new Computer Screen from acer for about 140,euros(ithink?) about 1400 swedish krons, My mother gaved it to me as an early Christmas present THANK YOU MOTHER!.

Since my other Screen who was about 9 years old (lol) . Just shut down (wich for me was a big supprise..) so my mother realised that it might be time for a new screen for me.

so again Thank you Mom <3

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